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Game Idea: Atomic Power
Topic Started: Apr 16 2017, 11:45 AM (99 Views)
Delta Force
Atomic Power

This game would involve managing a country's nuclear program during the Cold War and would start around 1950. Program directors would seek to maximize their country's strength by developing, testing, and building nuclear weapons, maximize their country's reputation by developing peaceful applications of the technology, including foreign aid, and also maximize their country's welfare by encouraging the growth of nuclear power in order to reduce pollution/environmental damage and reliance on expensive/exportable fossil fuels. Gameplay would be similar to the Race Into Space series, but with nuclear technology instead of space technology.

Program managers will face many competing choices. Atmospheric nuclear tests are cheap to conduct and provide significant scientific data, but they cause reputation damage and reduce welfare due to their extensive nuclear fallout. A test moratorium might be popular, but top scientists will have to find other work to do and may leave the program to pursue other opportunities. Providing other countries with research reactors and other elements of a nuclear program might improve relations and generate program revenues, but it can pose security risks. Program directors are also faced with the dilemma of delaying the widespread use of nuclear energy until safety and economics can be improved or going forward with the technology to alleviate pollution/environmental damage and help meet rapidly growing energy demand.
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Delta Force
Player Roles
-- Canada
-- China, People's Republic of
-- France
-- India
-- Israel
-- Soviet Union
-- United Kingdom
-- United States

There are some countries that historically took major steps towards a military nuclear program in the 1950s and 1960s while maintaining strong civilian programs, such as Sweden and Switzerland. Other countries had major peaceful programs that are unlikely to become militarized, such as Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany. As such, other roles can be added if desired and suitable for the era (particularly the 1950s start period).
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No-one, really
Make a BoP.
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Crime Lords GM
I will take the USA if this gets off the ground
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Oh hey, Custom Titles are a thing!
Not sure if I'd do a pacifist German programme or the UK
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